Furnipart have more than 30 years experience developing and supplying designer handles aimed at kitchen and bathroom furniture. Furnipart are continuously presenting unique new designs with a strong focus on ensuring the best quality.

Lars Ole Hansen established Furnipart in 1977. Today, the company has a worldwide network of customers (both furniture manufacturers and hardware distributors) and production partners. From our headquarters in Denmark, where all products are checked, stored and packed, we coordinate all sales and logistics. From this office we also conduct our stringent product development, combining Scandinavian design traditions with our customers' demand for high quality products at reasonable prices.

We cooperate closely with a first-class selection of industrial designers. Each of them separately add to the variety of our range, while they altogether ensure a homogeneous product policy. However high the need for renewal might be, our products have ever again proven to have high durability; in regards to both design and material. As different furniture in different rooms may call for different material choices, we often thrive to be able to supply the same design in several materials, finishes and colours.


Bellevue Architectural

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