To produce its handles for the furniture industry, Cosma employs the most cutting-edge technologies available together with all the handicraft experience accumulated in more than fifty years of work in the sector. In the pursuit of quality and of innovative solutions to implement original and exclusive projects aimed at setting off the prestige of your furniture, we avail ourselves of the collaboration of architects and designers.

COSMA (Criterio Onorato Specialità Maniglie e Affini) was established in 1955 in the heart of the manufacturing district of Brianza, in the Italian region of Lombardy, on the initiative of it’s founder Citterio Onorato. The company soon became specialised in the production of hardware parts.

Thanks to the drive from the next generation, a quick expansion followed and the company began to design and produce handles for the furniture sector and market its products abroad.

From 1990 onwards the company’s production gradually evolved from the die-casing of brass to Zamak, a more malleable zinc alloy.

Today, COSMA aims at becoming the partner of companies in the furniture sector to study, design and mass produce unique parts and high-quality components.

The experience accumulated in more than fifty years of research and collaboration with the most important European furniture brands as well as the company’s continuous technological development and attention to detail make COSMA a safe and reliable partner to increase the personality of any furniture.

The best solutions to modern market requirements are obtained by our flexible, customer-oriented approach.


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