A company with a strong design discipline and manufacturing expertise, Confalonieri produces one of the most extensive and diverse collections of decorative hardware in the world.
We have always had a passion for value; the kind of value which is attributable to creativity, service and quality. A passion which has enabled our company, along with our commercial partners, to enjoy constant growth.

Giving Shape To Ideas

For more than fifty years, Confalonieri has been recognized as an innovative manufacturer with a history of pursuing excellence. Our success is founded on a commitment to continually invest in research and technology, guaranteeing that our products will always meet the highest quality standards.

“The Italians, they have over 2000 years of history and culture; they know how to create something stylish, unique and memorable. Their architectural furniture is an example of their passion for creativity, simplicity and elegance in design. They do it better than anyone else - the end result is simply stunning” - Aron Midler- founder of Bellevue Architectural when asked why bring Italian products to Australia.

Growth Through Commitment

Confalonieri is able to manage the entire process of converting a design idea into a finished product. Our company has a thorough understanding of the design process, markets, trends and ever changing manufacturing technologies. Our experience enables us to guide a project through the
various developmental phases, from engineering to production.


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