We often get asked a range of questions regarding our products,

Q. Why should I consider Bellevue Architectural products for my building project or renovation?

A. All of Bellevue Architectural's products have been specifically chosen for their high quality, unique design and affordability. An example is Olivari of Italy, who is recognized as one of the worlds leading design and manufacturing houses of Door Hardware.

Q. How long has Bellevue Architectural been in existence?

A. The Company was incorporated in Australia in 1983.

Q. What Finishes do Bellevue Architectural products come in?

A. They are available in Polished Brass, Bright Chrome, Satin Chrome and Satin Nickel. Other finishes on request.

Q. What Locks can I use with Bellevue Architectural products?

A. Olivari Door handles can be used with all Australian and European locks including Lockwood.

Q. What type of door fixings are supplied with Olivari Door hardware?

A. Bellevue Architectural provides Bolt Through fixings as standard with all of its door hardware.

Q. Who is Olivari?

A. Olivari is a Family Company established in 1911 by Mr Olivari of Italy and still operates as a family business. For more information please visit www.olivari.it.

Q. What type of doors can I use Olivari handles with?

A. Olivari handles have been designed for easy fitting to Internal and External doors made of Timber or Aluminium.

Q. What are Olivari Handles made out of?

A. Olivari handles are forged from high quality Brass.

Q. Does Bellevue Architectural have a show room?

A. Our Head office showroom is located at 954 Glenhuntly Road South Caulfield, Victoria, Australia.

Q. What are Bellevue Architectural's operating hours?

A. The showroom opens 6 days a week from 8.30am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday and 9.00am to 12.30pm Saturday.

Q. Is a Door Scheduling service available?

A. Yes.

Q. Can I have a Bellevue Architectural representative call on me to provide more information?

A. Yes, please telephone or email Bellevue Architectural to arrange a suitable time for a representative to call.

Q. Does Bellevue Architectural supply Australia and New Zealand?

A. Yes, our products are supplied throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Q. What products do Bellevue Architectural supply?

A. A complete range of Door Hardware, Kitchen & Cabinet pulls, Bathroom Accessories, Door Stops, Coat Hooks, Flush & Slide Pulls, Hinges, Large Entry Door Pulls and Locks.

Q. Are Bellevue Architectural products suited for commercial and residential?

A. Yes they can be used for both commercial and residential use.


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