SIRO was founded in 1948 in Ternberg, Austria and is still located there. The factory produces decorative furniture components made of plastic, light metal and wood. At its time of establishment, SIRO began with only 5 employees; in 1998, there were over 350 workers. Apprentices are trained internally in the tooling and production departments, as well as in administration.

At present, more than 5000 different models are produced by SIRO. Due to the variety of combinations in design, colour and materials, the result is a range of more than 20,000 products. The production methods employed in the different SIRO factories combined with the possibilities in the main factory and the “Multistyle” range, result in a product range which can be used in all areas of furniture decoration worldwide.

There are sales offices, show-rooms and warehouses in approximately 40 different countries at present. A permanent show-room area of 400m2 is available all year round at Ternberg for visitors from both domestically and internationally. All products and latest models are displayed here. These facilities, together with trade shows and the constant contact with international architects and designers, give SIRO a leading position in this market sector despite the number of competitors.
SIRO products are highly valued internationally because of the reputation for design and styling, as well as for high quality. 85% of production is exported to more than 60 countries. All SIRO products are packed in fully recyclable Materials and since October 1992 they carry the ‘green spot’ - a symbol attached to a product guaranteeing environmental friendliness. This system ensures that the entire packaging can be reused.

SIRO Timeline

1948 - SIRO is founded in Ternberg, Austria.

1985 - SIRO Misr is founded in Cairo, used just for production. From this location, the Egyptian market, as well as bordering African and Arabic countries, are supplied. When the factory was established in 1985 there were 10 employees; in 1997, there
were more than 200 workers. The subsidiary SIBU Design Gesellschaft m.b.H. & Co, is founded, based also in Ternberg. This factory produces decorative surface refined plastic- and mirror-layers under the brand name “Multistyle”. The latest products are plastic and mirror layers with different structures.

1987 - A sub-division of SIRO is set up in Florida, USA with the name SIRO Design. During the same year, a branch of the company was founded in Germany, located in Solingen.

1989 - A sister company in Greece is established. This company is responsible for the production of furniture components made of solid brass. Another sister company is formed in Taiwan. This factory produces die-casting metal components in various finishes, which are distributed worldwide by SIRO. Components made from porcelain and marble are also produced there.
1996 - SIRO becomes the first manufacturer in the timber furniture component sector to receive the “Qualifor FSC Certificate”. This means that SIRO only processes timber, which comes from the home market from managed forests.

1997 - The show-room at Ternberg is completely redecorated.

1999 - The acquisition of a Polish factory with about 200 employees is finalized; the company is renamed SIRO Bielsko. It specialises in producing turnable accessories made of wood. Here, the FSC certified furniture fittings are made.

2001 - SIRO Alustyle is set up with 10 employees. Ready-made frames for furniture fronts are produced as well as decorative furniture fittings made of aluminium. In August 2003, the company has 70 employees.

2003 - SIRO Wood is set up in Egypt. The company employs at the time of foundation 80 employees. The product range includes: decorative cladding, wall and furniture cladding profiles, furniture parts (front and drawer elements), corner profiles, wall skirting profiles and curtain system profiles.


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