Manufacturers since 1946

For more than half a century, Justor has constantly worked to become the worldwide leader in retaining brakes, door closers and spring hinges. Our team focuses its work to maintain the highest customer loyalty, and we get it working with high-quality criteria, giving a fully guaranteed product line and perfect finishes.

Valentí Trepat Mañosa founded JUSTOR in August 1946 in a small workshop in Barcelona. Initially, he devoted his activity to the development of textile machinery together with his father Josep Trepat Marcet. Ten years later, Valentí Trepat started thinking about other products. He found that Spanish manufacturers of elevators needed a retaining brake for their doors and analysed the best model of its kind, which was made abroad. Valentí Trepat was able to develop a more sophisticated one.

At first, the JUSTOR range only contained brake models for normal doors and elevator doors. Over time, the range was expanded with hinges and hydraulic door closers.

The JUSTOR spring hinges use a patented operating system. While other manufacturers offer solutions based on a spiral spring, JUSTOR models are based on steel plates working through torsion. This innovation was awarded with the "Delta de Oro ADI-FAD" Design Award.

At JUSTOR, we understand that we cannot limit ourselves to the domestic market – not even the European one. The world has become our major market and to be competitive at a global level, we remain as demanding on ourselves as we have been so far.


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