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Celegon Door System - Gain 50% more space

7 September 2015

Bellevue Architectural is proud to release the “Ergon & Compact Living” door system by Celegon of Italy.

Designed to maximise living space by reducing the opening arc of a door by 50%. Sharing the door width between two rooms, can typically
increase usable living space by up to 1 meter; even more for wider doors. Imagine the difference in gaining an extra meter of living space.
We all want bigger rooms, and more space to live in them. With Ergon Living, it’s achievable; even in the smallest of environments

Doors no longer need to sit 100% in one room when open; encroaching on usable living space. The Ergon Living system shares the door width between two rooms. The net result is an increase in usable living space of 50% compared to a traditional doors opening arc. It does this by reducing door volume; the opening arc of the door is 50% smaller, thus giving back 50% usable living space.

Now; especially in smaller environments, the door no longer needs to be a hindrance; rather a tool which, (even in the design phase), offers new alternatives to solve the age old problem of maximising usable living space. Ergon Living is an innovative-patented technology that revolutionises the concept of the door. Supplied as standard with “Soft Open”; door movement is quiet & smooth with a cushioned stop.

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