GUILLOCHE - Jewellery for Doors

1 October 2016

Simply Stunning. It truly is Jewellery for Doors

Guilloché is a decorative engraving technique performed with special machines that are guided manually; generating a precise, intricate and repetitive pattern on the base material.
Unlike simple engraving, done by hand, enabling free and more naturalistic motifs,; ones made with guillocher machines are typically mechanical and repetitive. This allows for an infinite number of different patterns ; by varying the processing parameters, which work in concert with the operator’s technical, but also aesthetic, sensitivities.

The exact origin of the first machines is not known with certainty. Its ancestry can possibly be traced back to Switzerland, perhaps to a French engineer named Guillot. The earliest examples of watch cases bearing motifs done with this technique are engraved with the year 1624. Its actual introduction into the watch industry dates back to 1786, when Abraham-Louis Breguet began using it to decorate the dials and cases of his watches. The technique experienced an extraordinary popularity in the nineteenth century, thanks largely to the work of Peter Carl Fabergé.

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