A finish that wont tarnish guaranteed for 30 years

SuperInox will not tarnish, tea stain, pitt or lose its lustre in sea air environments - guaranteed for 30 years. It is exceptionally resistant to salt air and all other atmospheric conditions that typically tarnish plated finishes.

SuperInox is obtained by plating metal with exceptional characteristics on a brass titrate alloy base. It will stand up to corrosive settings and external agents: salt spray, humidity, acid rain, the sun, and extreme temperatures. It is especially suited for use outdoors, in marine areas, and high traffic zones such as hotels and public buildings.

SuperInox has UNI and ISO certification for resistance to ultraviolet rays as well as for standing up to salt spray for a good 3,000 hours. SuperInox's extraordinary hardness has been tested at the Padua National Research Center. Laboratory tests demonstrate its resistance to solvents and prolonged contact with silicon, lime, cement, lime scale build-up products, alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, ammonia and muriatic acid.

All SuperInox products can be recognized by their indelible OLIVARI laser hallmark.

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