Low Rose Range

5mm Thick Fully Sprung Rose

Olivari, always looking for innovative and elegant design, has developed a new line of components named “LOW”. This new line represents the latest trend in European door hardware. The rose on the door handle has been reduced from 10mm to 5mm in its projection, minimising the unappealing
impact of the rose and consequently exalting the line of the handle. Aesthetically, a thinner rose provides a smarter, cleaner sophisticated look than traditional sized roses.

To date, the problem has been how to reduce the protection without compromising the spring integrity within the rose. If the spring action fails, the handle will droop or not bounce back - a look that is less than ideal and deplored by all.

Olivari is proud to be the first to release a fully sprung 5mm low profile rose. Not only does this new low profile rose achieve the aesthetic look asked for by the European design industry but it meets the engineering standards of modern levers by not compromising the return spring within the rose.
Olivari’s new 5mm “LOW” range of roses will bring the handle back to the horizontal every time, guaranteed.

The “LOW” components are suitable for timber internal or external doors at least 40mm thick. Ideal for all passage latches and European style mortice locks. It must be used with an 8mm solid spindle. Low rose hardware is fully patented by Olivari.

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