Torsion Springs

Drooping handles, a thing of the past…

Olivari springs are a self-contained cassette that offers superior handle bounce back and spring longevity. Made from solid brass and steel, each independent cassette guarantees each handle will bounce back to the horizontal every time, for the life of the handle.

Olivari springs use a torsion-based spring system unlike others, which use a coil base spring. A coil-based spring can stretch over time and cause handles to droop. Our torsion spring cannot stretch so the handle will never droop, ensuring a beautiful aesthetic appeal for the long term.

To ensure the torsion spring does not fail, it has been encased in a solid brass cassette, concealing it from the elements and outside tampering, ensuring its longevity.

As an added note, the back of each spring cassette has a nylon cover ensuring that the spring cassette cannot (and will not) scratch the face of the door.

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