Magnetic Lock kit for Double Action Glass Doors

The M-Lock Go glass lock/latch from GFS of Italy is revolutionary in design and only 31mm thick. Incorporating a magnetic lock/ latch at its core, the M-Lock is sleek, stylish and quiet vs. traditional glass locks.

100% made in Italy; designed for double action glass doors, the M-Lock Go is an ideal Passage, Privacy or Lock Set for glass doors.

The M-Lock Go

Specifically for Double Action Doors that swing in two directions. Its adjustable striker captures the magnetic latch, quickly, quietly & securely, latching the door each time.

Stylish, Architecturally Designed Magnetic Lock / Latch for Double Action Swinging Glass Doors.
M-Lock has an extremely small overall dimensional footprint (lock and keeper) thanks to the fact it uses a magnetic lock in its construction. Magnetic locks don’t need the large amount of space that traditional mechanical locks require to operate.
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