The smallest fully adjustable Hydraulic Patch plate on the market

The BGH Hydra Pro by GFS of Italy is an adjustable, self-closing, hydraulic patch plate for glass pivot doors. 100% made in Italy.

Hydra Pro has been specifically designed to allow a single, or double action pivot glass door to open and self-close; without the need of a floor spring.

Made 100% in Italy by GFS, the Hydra Pro is totally reliable, and tested to 500,000 cycles; and ideal for glass doors that weigh up to 100kg.

Stocked locally in Melbourne and available with, or without the top pivot, the BGH Hydra Pro comes as a complete kit in multiple finishes.

Cost effective and highly functional, it is a real and effective alternative to traditional and unsightly floor springs.

Guaranteed for 500,000 cycles, easy to install; with no speical glass cutting required the BGH GFS Hydra Pro is hard to overlook.

The BGH Hydra Pro hydraulic mechanism is completely enclosed within the patch plate; making the Hydra Pro sleek, clean and more importantly; easy to install, as it does not need to be rebated into the floor as a traditional floor spring would.
The BGH Hydra Pro comes with multiple speed adjustments; including backcheck and latching speed adjustment for smooth and precise door closure. Suitable for commercial and residential environments; wet or dry areas, the Hydra Pro also comes with a hold open at ± 90°.

Fully Adjustable

Exploded View

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