Space Saving Solutions by Celegon of Italy

Increase the interior space of a small environment

Efficient engineering makes a statement with this ergonomic design. Increased accessibility of the soft open function and double swing capability, allows for use in the medical and disability fields. In any room where a panic system is required on the door or window this system is advisable. The space saving aspect makes this model suitable for any small indoor environment. Whether this be pantries, hallways, childcare facilities, wardrobes, kitchens and more.


The 90º model folds out when opened to be 90º from the original open position.

The 180º door folds in half at the open position, sitting against the wall. Reducing the space by 50%.


Space Saving

Maximise your space with the space saving function, reducing volume and floor traffic by 50%. Ideal for any small residential or commercial areas with spaces that require more floor allowance.

Multiple Configurations

Suitable with a wide range of room layouts and unique architecture, Celegon gives you the option to optimise your project to efficiently utilise your space.

No Track In Floor

With the door being fully integrated into the door and jamb, there is nothing on the wall or on the floor. This allows for easy installation and lower costs. Whether you have polished concrete floors, heated floor boards or do not want to disturb the original flooring, you can now have bi-fold or tri-fold doors.

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    • Residential
    • Commercial
    • Healthcare
    • Childcare
    • Bathrooms
    • Kitchens
    • Hallways
    • Studios
    • Storage centres
    • Wardrobes

Ease of Installation

A complete kit will be provided to you that is uniquely tailored to your project. The entire system is within the jamb and door, excluding the floor and wall. The door and the jamb is the only element that is not supplied within the kit. The kit also includes the option of a handle. This can be any handle suited to the configuration, whether it be a lever, pull handle or invisible handle.

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