Space Saving Solutions by Celegon of Italy

Increase the interior space of a small environment

Efficient engineering makes a statement with this ergonomic design. Increased accessibility of the soft open function and double swing capability, allows for use in the medical and disability fields. In any room where a panic system is required on the door or window this system is advisable. The space saving aspect makes this model suitable for any small indoor environment. Whether this be pantries, hallways, childcare facilities, wardrobes, kitchens and more.



The T.E. model is suitable to solid doors. Due to this, you will notice that the pivoting rod sits behind the jamb as opposed to the door.


The S40 model suits hollow core doors, this allows for the pivoting rod to be inside the door as seen above


Space Saving

Maximise your space with the space saving function, reducing volume and floor traffic by 50%. Ideal for any small residential or commercial areas with spaces that require more floor allowance.

Soft Open

Give the door a light push and the “soft open” mechanism ensures the door slides fully open. A noiseless, smooth flowing opening movement.

Double Swing

Double action movement allows for the door to swing in both directions while maintaining simultaneous rotation. This is beneficial for areas that require quick and easy access.

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    • Residential
    • Commercial
    • Healthcare
    • Childcare
    • Bathrooms
    • Kitchens
    • Hallways
    • Studios
    • Storage centres
    • Wardrobes

Ease of Installation

A complete kit will be provided to you that is uniquely tailored to your project. Whether you have a single or double door, require centre or offset mounting or want a precut hardwood raw door jamb. In the T.E. system the pivoting rod sits behind the jamb if the door is solid and cannot allow for integration. The S40 pivoting rod is concealed within the door, running the full height. Everything you need for installation will be included in this kit, making your worksite as efficient as this system.

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