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Locking the secondary door leaf is quick and easy

The Celegon range is engineered to increase functionality and usability for children, the elderly and those who are disabled. The Push & Go is no exception to this, compared to a traditional bolt it is significantly easier to open. The button can be pressed easily and as it can be located at any height along the outside of the door it opens up opportunities to a wide range of users.

Better than traditional flush bolts

With a simple button press rather than a heavy bolt, the Push & Go lives up to its name with only a simple push of the button needed. This button can be placed in various positions along the outside of the door. Suitable with any type of double door to control the inactive leaf.

Traditional Flush Bolts

Push & Go

Ease of Use

The Push & Go system is a gentle button push activation, as opposed to a jarring or finicky traditional system. This is to suit all users no matter the height, strength or abilities. With the system being concealed within the door, instead of protruding, there is less chance of dirt and bacteria being collected. Making it a suitable alternative for health facilities.

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