CEAM, 2018

All stages of Ceam’s production process are carried out inside the industrial plant of Cermenate, Como. This guarantees the quality standards customers expect.

The strategy of Ceam is clear, simple and well defined to ensure the customer's satisfaction. The aim of their technical office is to project new items with precise reference to the needs of the market. The production, always equipped with the most updated technologies, carry different and distinct lines - each one holds articles of various sizes, materials and finishes.

In 1962, Celesteantonio Amadeo founded CEAM. Since then, management intuition and entrepreneurial skill have been rewarded by continuous growth whilst always being attentive to markets needs. Design and manufacturing of items is done completely in-house at the company, including technical capacity and wear tests carried out using equipment that complies with the UNI-EN 1935:2004 standards.

Thanks to the high quality of materials used, accurate quality control and continuous research, their products have reached a very high degree of reliability. All processes and products are guaranteed by a UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 Certificate.


From design and tool making, through moulding, cuttings and turnings of the best materials, ending with the automatic assembly and logistic department, everything is taken care in the same factory - making it available to all five continents.
Internal doors with concealed hinges
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