The design philosophy of Bonaiti has always been to anticipate the different needs of the market, proposing original and innovative technical solutions, from the beginning of its history in 1830.



Aesthetics and functionality as a priority with the Bonaiti magnetic lock. Making a lock without a handle a possibility for a clean design that integrates with the new lines of modern architectural styles and doors.



The history of Bonaiti is centered on the lock; and is marked by its evolution from an instrument of closure to a security element to becoming an object of furniture and design.

To talk about locks for wooden doors means first stepping back in time as far as 1830 when Giuseppe & F.lli Bonaiti was founded, to the era when small Lecco area workshops produced the base metal used to create a series of components. Our workshop gradually increased in size and alongside the fastenings and spring catches we also find bed warmers, chestnut roasting ovens, bed bases and the tubing used for headboards, until 1936 when we began to produce external application door locks.

Bonaiti Serrature SpA

At the beginning of the war, the company created a lock model fitted into the front of the door which was an absolute novelty in those days. It was based on the British models patented at that time: the term “patented” went on to become an everyday term to identify this type of lock. The workshop, which over the years was gradually transformed into a production company with a staff of 500 to meet demand in the 1990s, gave rise to a spin-off business that became Bonaiti Serrature, handling all stages from design and production through to distribution in Italy (and throughout the world) of locks for internal wooden doors. The aim of this split was to concentrate financial and human resources into the technological development of these products.

At the start of the 21st century, we started the production of magnetic locks. This represented the result of all the research and development in recent years.

Today, the company premises cover a surface area of 17,000m2. The various production units occupy 8,000m2 of covered area whilst the finished products warehouse is a large 4,800m3. This stores 4,000 products to be distributed to 1,500 customers in Italy and throughout the rest of the world.

In the production departments, 71 staff produce 15,000 locks per day on 12 automatic production lines that allow full control of operations and automatic packaging of every single product. It should be emphasised that all lock components use non-polluting materials and the production cycle is pollution-free, which have led to a strong recognition of the company as ecocompatible.

The Bonaiti Serrature design philosophy has always been that of anticipating market demand, proposing original, innovative technical solutions and seeking maximum product quality. Every new model produced over the years confirms this corporate policy, which for the company has meant investing a high percentage of its turnover and creating a highly professional technical team with vast experience. With the help of sophisticated IT systems, the technicians handle every project from kinematic characteristics analysis to specifications definition, from building the prototype to function testing. A testing station can handle function tests on every lock, simulating open/close cycles that can vary between 100,000 and 200,000 in number. The company’s technological R&D has for over a decade allowed the production of a complete range of products that meet the demands of a market; leading to products which, by combining different multi-faceted needs, solve a series of problems.

The magnetic lock uses an operating system based on magnetic fields generated by nature’s own permanent magnets. The use of materials other than the old, noisy metal offers silent operation, whilst the inbuilt magnet means there is no longer a need for the unsightly protrusion of catch and deadbolt mechanisms from the front plate of the lock. The overall effects of the lock’s structure can be summarised in a clean-cut design that integrates neatly into the lines of the latest door models. Magnetism has also allowed us to produce a further lock and a handle-free model, meaning doors no longer need to interrupt the formal architectural composition.

The company’s distribution of magnetic locks into the US market drove it to adapt to different tastes and standards. A range of magnetic latch models was created – from the simplest “passage” version to the more complete range we have today.

With a view to constant product quality, the company has obtained Quality System certification from an international agency (ICIM) for its lock design and production activities in compliance with standard UNI EN ISO 9001.

When the B-One model first went into production, an international jury awarded it the TOP 100 FRAMES diploma of excellence for its exemplary lock architecture research and innovation. The B-One model is also included in the 2002-2003-2004 ADI DESIGN INDEX year books, participating in the ‘COMPASSO D’ORO’ SELEZIONE XX AWARD.

The way we see doors has changed forever. No unsightly striker plate on the door jamb, no way to catch our clothes or arms on protruding latch tongue. A clean door jamb. Magnetic latch power.



With constant attention to the needs of the consumer, capturing the evolution of taste and practicality. Bonaiti places the respect of the customer high in its considerations as a partner with whom to start a journey of mutual interest.