Product Range Information

Schall-Ex® L8/30 WS | 8mm thick drop seal for swing doors
Fact Sheet
Door type Timber swing doors
Max seal drop 20mm
Profile 8x30mm, anodized aluminium
Max. length 2000mm
Cut Back length Variable. See descriptions
Positioning Bottom of door
Drop actuator Single sided
Adjustability Max. protrusion 10mm
Movement Parallel actuation & self-levelling
Seal colour Grey
Manufacturing 100% Made in Germany
Reliability 5 Year manufacturer’s guarantee, tested to 1,000,000 cycles
Order codes & available lengths
BAA1000/0820 Schall-Ex® L-8/30 WS 820mm can be shortened to 648mm
BAA1000/0920 Schall-Ex® L-8/30 WS 920mm can be shortened to 798mm
BAA1000/1070 Schall-Ex® L-8/30 WS 1070mm can be shortened to 923mm
BAA1000/1220 Schall-Ex® L-8/30 WS 1220mm can be shortened to 1207mm
BAA1000/1375 Schall-Ex® L-8/30 WS 1375mm can be shortened to 1307mm
BAA1000/1500 Schall-Ex® L-8/30 WS 1500mm can be shortened to 1457mm
BAA1000/1625 Schall-Ex® L-8/30 WS 1625mm can be shortened to 1575mm
BAA1000/1833 Schall-Ex® L-8/30 WS 1833mm can be shortened to 1616mm
BAA1000/2000 Schall-Ex® L-8/30 WS 2000mm can be shortened to 1877mm
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