3-point mechanical and electronic locking systems for hinged doors

HMB Multi-point Locking Systems

The HMB Multipoint Ultra built-in or free-standing is an elegant and strong solution to secure and operate double doors. A Multipoint is applied together with a Multipoint Lock. The combination creates a beautiful and spacious opening, for example, from your living-room to the garden.

There’s a wide variety of Multipoints available which can be used with Automatic, Electronic, Cylinder or Motor controlled Multipoint locks. One type of free-standing Multipoint can even be used for anti-panic and escape route solutions which have to meet EN1125 and EN179 standardisation.

The operating mechanism is a unique HMB design.

The handle is made of stainless steel (SS).

This makes it extremely strong and anti-corrosive. This is a great added value for application in outward opening doors. After assembly, the aluminium profile is finished with Meranti (hardwood) covering strips.

The operating mechanism is perfectly hidden in the profile, which prevents additional operatings on the door and looks beautiful. Moreover, you can lock or unlock the door easily by using the mechanism.



Custom developed hook bolts and adjustable strikers, means the door is guaranteed to close and lock easily every time.

HMB Profit Locks & Tools

HMB profit locks & tools (HMB) specialises in high quality Locks, Hinges and Tools for the complete installation of windows and doors into casings. Efficient and labour-friendly methods, combined with substantial timesavings are the principle features of the mainly patented designs that have taken a clear position in the marketplace.

HMB is a family business and most of its employees have experience in the construction industry. This means that the company is best able to deal with typical problems that arise when installing doors and windows. Added to this, the HMB team is very enthusiastic and passionate about what it does. Internally and externally, there is close collaboration with customer on a daily basis. This way we can ensure customers receive our full attention and find custom solutions for individual problem situation.

Moreover, HMB maintains excellent contact with the trade, so that the company is always up-to-date with the latest developments in the construction industry. The company reacts quickly and efficiently to these developments, whereby it is always able to meet the customer’s requirements.

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