The pinnacle of architecture and aesthetics, the FritsJurgens pivot hinge system. Completely concealed in the top and bottom of the pivot door – doors float in space for a minimalistic architectural image with few disruptive lines.



Creating a unique design statement. The FritsJurgens pivot-door hinge makes the ordinary extraordinary – a door, in terms of its functionality and experience that seamlessly aligns with your aspired spatial expression.

See how Fritsjurgens pivot hinge systems make the ordinary extraordinary with doors floating in space. Each unit is completely concealed, indestructible and, best of all, is easy to install.

About FritsJurgens

The FritsJurgens™ story started in the 1930s. As an architect, Frits Jurgens, the person who the company is named after, was responsible for the complete education of the craftsmen of the Amsterdamse Droogdok Maatschappij (ADM) in that period.

We believe that the ideal door, the pivot door, deserves the very best hinge. That is why we develop hinges that exude timeless beauty and which also excel in terms of functionality, load, design and lifespan.

As the third generation, we are proud of the fact that the skill, passion and drive of our inspirer is still the foundation for everything we do. Frits Jurgens was a master of technical perfection.

Since the start of the millennium, FritsJurgens has specialised in the design and production of innovative hinges for pivot doors. A characteristic of all our systems is that they are not attached to the floor but are attached in the door itself. As a result, our hinges are almost invisible. Additionally, this unique construction reduces the costs and time it takes to place the door. With FritsJurgens’ hinges, it is also possible to realise pivot doors in existing constructions in situations that have floor heating.

FritsJurgens’ hinges are available worldwide. We cooperate with a network of high-end dealers and partners. They meet all our strict demands in terms of quality, service and customer orientation. FritsJurgens’ head office is located in the Netherlands (Kolham).



An indestructible hinge system that is easy to install, without the need for construction devices in the floor or ceiling. Even after 1 million movements it still functions with the same perfection. Opening damping, self-closing, soft-close, and adjustable closing speed add to the desirability of pivot hinges.



Invisible when closed. A highly decisive spatial impact when opened. Modern and unique, an eye-catching design element that contributes to a timeless interior style with a lean and minimalistic design.

The FritsJurgens pivot hinge systems offers the most diverse range of uses from pivot doors to folding bookshelves and internal and external wall panels.