Top pivot 40 mm

Maximum clear widths with a pivot door

Thanks to the new 40 mm pivot point, this top pivot makes the most of any opening space. The top pivot is as close as possible to the side of the doo, only 40mm from the doors edger. All available space int he door jamb is used, and the clear opening is as large as possible. In the open position, the pivot door is therefore minimally present. This is ideal for situations where a standard door width must be maintained but the opening space maximised.


Designed for maximum space

This top pivot can be applied in small door widths and small doors to get the largest clear width possible. Ideal for standard door sizes and renovations.


Minimally present

Because of the minimal distance between the door and the adjacent wall, a pivot door with this top pivot is minimally present in the opened position.


No unused space

If you want to put every inch of your space to good use, this top pivot is the right solution. Fixed at 40 mm, this hinge makes the most of the smallest spaces.

Product photos and applications

Hidden Perfection in Pivoting Hinge Systems

FritsJurgens Pivot Doors: Elegant frameless doors with built-in hinges

A pivot door is a frameless door that rotates around its vertical axis and can be opened to both the left and the right. It is not only functional but also a very attractive solution without frames, mountings or slats.

Pivot doors are movable walls. In a closed position they are virtually invisible; in an open position they can determine the space. It is precisely this that is the strength of the pivot door: it is a rotating part of a wall that can influence space, functionality and perception.

The FritsJurgens Pivot Door Hinge Systems

The FritsJurgens pivot door systems are unique in that there are no structural elements in the floor or the ceiling. This hinge is fully integrated into the top and bottom of the door, which means that outside the door, only one small floor and ceiling plate needs to be fitted. A virtually invisible system that can be used simply in both existing and new situations.

FritsJurgens pivot door hinges can be fitted in doors of all conceivable lengths and widths up to a maximum weight of 500 kg. The door should be a minimum of 40 mm thick and can be made of any type of material: glass, steel, wood, etc.

Curious about the endless possibilities of pivot door systems? Contact us for more design ideas to take your pivot door design to the next level.