Edge Pull Handles For Sliding Doors

Edge Pull Selection for Sliding Doors

Edge pulls provide a sleek and functional opening solution for sliding doors

Edge pulls are hardware components designed for use on sliding doors, pocket doors, or any door where a doorknob or lever handle is impractical or undesirable. They are particularly useful for doors that need to sit flush with their surroundings.

Edge pulls are typically recessed fixtures that are installed into the edge of a door. Making them nearly invisible when the door is closed. This feature is especially appealing in modern or minimalist architecture, because it preserves clean lines and surfaces.

To use an edge pull, one usually pulls on a small handle that protrudes slightly or flips out from the door edge when needed. This handle allows the user to pull the door out from its cavity or slide it along its track.

They are generally easy to install, requiring only a cutout in the door edge. Edge pulls can be installed at various heights and positions for installation versatility. This means they can be easily retrofit; making edge pulls a popular choice for updating existing doors.

Door edge pulls are regularly used in

  • lofts/studio apartments where space is at a premium,
  • media/theatre rooms where protruding handles would cause a hazard in the dark,
  • art galleries and museums for storage panels and access panels that need to be hidden from the public,
  • hotel rooms where efficient use of space is crucial for compact areas,
  • conference rooms with large sliding or pocket doors used to separate areas,
  • modern kitchens on pantry doors or appliance hiding spaces,
  • bathrooms with pocket doors to make cleaning and maintenance quicker,
  • bedroom closet sliding doors to maximise usable space, and for
  • retail store fixtures on storage cabinets and fitting room doors where a handle could be dangerous.

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