Sealing Solutions for Pivot & Swing Doors

Sealing a Pivot or Swing door has never been so easy

Made by Athmer in Germany and stocked locally, this new drop seal addresses one of the biggest issues associated with pivot doors, namely how do you seal them?

Until now, traditional drop seals have been fouled by the floor spring hardware or the nature of how the unit engages. These and other issues have now been addressed by the very clever adjustable roller actuator, thanks to Athmer. The actuator has been designed to engage the drop seal not by pressing against a specific spot on the jamb, but rather, by rolling against an area of the jamb. 

This difference in engagement of the seal can’t be understated. The roller actuator allows the Athmer Schall-Ex® L15/30 WS Pivot to smoothly engage the seal and not create pressure on a traditional drop seal actuator that cannot cater for pivot door movement which is different than traditional hinged swing door movement.

Our range of Athmer door seals are available in multiple lengths up to 2000mm, and are designed to be usable in many situations and configurations, and are ideally suited to sealing applications where a flush fit and smooth operation are required. They can be used on both the top and bottom of the door, and when paired with the Athmer magnetic side strips, you can achieve a complete door seal. Something that has been very difficult to achieve with existing solutions.

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Schall-Ex® L15/30

The use of a rolling actuator allows the Athmer Schall-Ex® L15/30 WS Pivot to smoothly engage the seal. Even when using a pivot door where a traditional drop seal actuators would be unable to function.

Schall-Ex® L8/30 WS

Significantly thinner than traditional drop seals for swing doors, the Schall-Ex® L8/30 WS is ideal for thin or thick doors. With a unique actuating plate that provides more contact with the jamb than traditional drop seals, the result is a flawless movement without digging holes into the jamb.

Athmer Product Catalogue

You can find more details about our Athmer range of products in our Athmer product catalogue. In it you can find more technical information such as technical specifications, diagrams and dimensions.

Features & Benefits

Tested to 1,000,000 cycles

Specifically designed for pivot doors

Seals up to 20mm gap

100% Made in Germany for over 50 years

Suitable for high frequency opening doors

Parallel actuation & self-levelling mechanism

Designed for pivot doors swinging 90 or 180 degrees

Made from industrial strength silicone & aluminium

Suitable for internal & external (under cover) locations

Suitable for residential, commercial & industrial environments

Suitable for use in soundproofing applications


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