FritsJurgens provides several accessories for the use and installation of your pivot door. Make the installation of the pivot door even more convenient with New Flush Floor Plates, the Hexagon Guide, Cable Grommet and Axle Wrench and perfectly align your pivot doors with the FritsJurgens Flush. Installation of a pivot has never been so simple or quick.

Flush Floor Plate

Brand new: flush floor plate

Hidden perfection just got a little better. Introducing the Flush floor plate by FritsJurgens.

Now the FritsJurgens floor plate can sit flush with your floor or threshold, reducing the gap between the bottom of the door and the floor.

Top Pivot Cable Grommet

Designed for easy installation of cables into the door

The pivot hinge systems by FritsJurgens stand out because they are fully integrated in the door. The cable grommet in the top pivot makes it possible to integrate cables in the door, invisibly. Hidden perfection as you can expect from FritsJurgens.


Finetune your pivot door with the Flush.

The Flush consists of a set of two strong magnets. These will be installed in the bottom side of the pivot door and in the wall or door next to it.

Hexagon Guide

The Hexagon Guide will offer you easy access and stability of the top pivot.

FritsJurgens offers the Hexagon Guide to ease the installation of the top pivot in case the pivot point is more than 280 mm from the side of the door.

The Hexagon Guide contains preset holes, through which gaps around the door can be easily adjusted using the Hexagon key. The Hexagon Guide will offer you easy access and stability of the top pivot.

Axel Wrench

For turning the spindle

When installing a door fitted with System M, it is very important that the door is installed in its open position, which can be done with the Axle Wrench.

Plate Finish Options

Finish options

Choose the right finish for your project option to match the floor and ceiling plate further with your door and floor design.

Curious about the endless possibilities of pivot door systems? Contact us for more design ideas to take your pivot door design to the next level.