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This is not a hinge. This is FritsJurgens.

Olivari – An interview with designer Rodolfo Dordoni

Olivari – An interview with designer Patricia Urquiola

Olivari – An interview with designer Marcel Wanders

Olivari Showcase

Casetur Lower Rotation Demonstration 2

Casetur Sliding Rotation System Demonstration

Casetur Upper Rotation System Installation

Casetur Sliding Rotation System

Casetur Lower Rotation Demonstration

Casetur Upper Rotation Demonstration

New Slimline System 1 | ideal for narrow frame doors

Why Choose a Pivot Door… Archer a Bellevue Architectural employee

New FritsJurgens top pivots, new possibilities

Stone Blast – 2021 new colour

CUSTOM MADE in JAPAN -The Art of Craftsmanship

FritsJurgens Sytem M+ in motion

Installation Video of the Schall-Ex® L8/30 WS | 8mm thick drop seal for swing doors

Schall-Ex® L8/30 WS | 8mm thick drop seal for swing doors


“Doing well, doing together” Olivari speech

BL015T is the new sliding door lock from Bonaiti of Italy with an integrated finger pull

License to dream with FritsJurgens Concealed Pivot Systems by Bellevue Architectural

Making of Union Entry Pull Handle G2759

K4500L Installation Video

Didheya Employee Video

K4500L Sliding Door Handle by Didheya

Oversized pivot doors with FritsJurgens System M pivot hinge inside the ‘Lange Poort’ Church

Drilling template: How to install Ceam’s hinges

Justor Spring Arm Door Closer Installation

FritsJurgens pivot door systems – Handsfree

FlowMotion – Hydraulic backcheck

Copper and steel pivot door with FritsJurgens System M pivot hinge

CEAM Corporate Video

Concealed hinge model BAC1430 – installation and adjustments

FritsJurgens FlowMotion – Adjustable Closing Damping – System M+

FritsJurgens Latch Control – how does it work?

BL015 Sliding Door Lock

No-Ha by Bonaiti Tooling and Lock Installation

The Origin of Artware

CEAM – Extreme testing conditions

CEAM – how concealed hinges are made

Justor BIST150 spring hinge installation

Olivari coverage at Salon del Mobile 2016

Olivari celebrates 100 years!

Olivari Hot Forging Process

Olivari Automation Process

Olivari Hand Finishing Process

Olivari Chrome Process

Olivari Polishing Process – Part 4

Olivari Polishing Process – Part 3

Olivari Polishing Process – Part 2

Olivari Polishing Process – Part 1

Olivari Storage Process

FritsJurgens Pivot Hinge System 3 – Making of Atrium project

FritsJurgens Pivot Hinge System – Atrium Project Amsterdam System 3

FritsJurgens Pivot Hinge Systems – System 3

FritsJurgens Pivot Hinge – Ritual Room easy open

FritsJurgens Pivot Hinge – Axel Wrench

FritsJurgens Pivot Hinge – 500kg capacity in marble door

FritsJurgens Pivot Hinge – Mounting the Flush

Fritsjurgens System M: How its Made – Timeless Quality

System M+ Promotional Video

The functionality of System M+

The Beauty of System M+

Installation & fine tuning the System M & System M+

System M+ FlowMotion Technology

FritsJurgens Pivot Hinge – System M Installation InSitu

No-Ha by Bonaiti – BL004

Justor – Retaining Brake

Olivari – Interview with Ben Van Berkel

Olivari – Guilloche

Olivari – SuperInox Process

Olivari – Interview with Daniel Libeskind

Olivari – Interview with MAD Architects

Olivari – Interview with Marcel Wanders

Olivari – Interview With Riccardo Renzetti

Olivari – Interview with Ron Gilad

Olivari – Interview with Zaha Hadid


CEAM – Installation

CEAM – 3D Adjustable Hinge Installation

CEAM – Jig & Router Kit Installation

FritsJurgens Pivot Hinge – Door Types

FritsJurgens Pivot Hinge – System Three

FritsJurgens Pivot Hinge – System One Large Door

FritsJurgens Pivot Hinge – Installation System 3

FritsJurgens Pivot Hinge – Wall Protection

FritsJurgens Pivot Hinge – Spatial impact

FritsJurgens Pivot Hinge – One Touch Function

FritsJurgens Pivot Hinge – Self Close Function

FritsJurgens Pivot Hinge – Soft Close Function

FritsJurgens Pivot Hinge – Hold Open Function

Elmes of Japan Leather Entry Door Pulls

Justor DA180 Spring Hinge Installation

Japanese Cast Iron

The Art of Design by Olivari of Italy

Salone del Mobile 2018