The Perfect Pivot Hinge for the Perfect Pivot Door. Design without limitations and create the most beautiful pivot door systems brought to you by Bellevue Architectural.


A pivot hinge is a hardware mechanism that allows a door to open and close using a pivot system instead of a traditional butt hingesingle-action or double-action spring hinges.

Some pivot hinges, such as those from Fritsjurgens, provide additional functionality to a pivot door by fully mortising the pivot hinge in the top and bottom of the door. They can be spring-loaded or hydraulic and you can even tune the movement exactly the way you want with features such as 30° Speed Control allowing you to choose the closing speed of the door.

The range of pivot hinge systems available through Bellevue Architectural and our resellers, can be used with any type of interior or exterior door, both with and without frame and also suitable for a wide range of material, such as glass, steel, wood, solid and antique doors.

FritsJurgens has revolutionised the pivot door by fully mortising the pivot hinge in the top and bottom of the door. This eliminates the need for complex floor installations with small floor and ceiling plates being the only visible signs of the hinges.

FritsJurgens pivot hinges can be applied both in commercial and residential environments.

Model Selector

When picking the right pivot system for your door you must consider a variety of factors such as door dimensions, weight, the intended pivot point of the door and the desired features provided by the pivot. To help streamline the process we provide a online model selector.

System M+ pic

FritsJurgens System M+

Designed for self-closing pivot doors that swing 90 or 180 degrees

System M+ is embedded with FlowMotion technology that gives the user complete control over the closing speed, latching speed and dampening (hydraulic back check). These features are guaranteed for doors up to 500kg and 50mm thickness.

It consists of a top pivot and bottom pivot and their mounting plates in either black or stainless silver. It utilises the same Top Pivot and small Ceiling Plate as the other FritsJurgens pivot hinge Systems. The Bottom Pivot/Closer is set into the Floor Plate which provides easy adjustment of the 0° position of the door to ensure installation to absolute perfection.

When the door is closed, the system is virtually invisible. No nasty floor closer coverplate to hide, no getting the jackhammer out to install a closer cement box; System M+ is mortised entirely in the door.

Slimline System One

FritsJurgens New System One

A Free Swinging Pivot Hinge – 500Kg Capacity

FritsJurgens New System One excels in its simplicity and size. One pivot point. Rotation of 360º or 90º in combination with doorframes.

The performance of the New System One is outstanding. The pivot hinge system is suitable for large, heavy and tall doors. The possibilities are endless.

Due to the high load-bearing capacity and small size of System One of up to 500Kg, there are virtually no restrictions on the design of the pivot door


FritsJurgens System 3

Designed for doors that swing 360 degree – mounted in the centre of the door only.

FritsJurgens® System 3 has an extensive arsenal of functions: rotation, hold positions, and damping. System 3 can turn through 360º and is characterised by a hold position at every quarter of a circle.

Thanks to the patented bearing configuration of the System 3 pivot, relatively little force is required to get the door moving.

The upper and bottom cam are working in the opposite directions. Therefore the force on the mid cam is nil. This creates a perfectly balanced system suitable for high-traffic use.

Hidden Perfection in Pivoting Hinge Systems

FritsJurgens Pivot Doors: Elegant frameless doors with built-in hinges

A pivot door is a frameless door that rotates around its vertical axis and can be opened to both the left and the right. It is not only functional but also a very attractive solution without frames, mountings or slats.

Pivot doors are movable walls. In a closed position they are virtually invisible; in an open position they can determine the space. It is precisely this that is the strength of the pivot door: it is a rotating part of a wall that can influence space, functionality and perception.

The Uniqueness of FritsJurgens’ Pivot Hinge Systems

The FritsJurgens pivot hinge systems can be adjustable and swing in both directions, so that the door can be opened either inwards or outwards. They will also remain open at a 90 degree angle and close gently when pushed.

They are unique in that there are no structural elements in the floor or the ceiling.

This hinge is fully integrated into the top and bottom of the door, which means that outside the door, only one small floor and ceiling plate needs to be fitted. A virtually invisible system that can be used simply in both existing and new situations.

Curious about the endless possibilities of pivot door systems? Contact us for more design ideas to take your pivot door design to the next level.