System M+ Concealed Pivot System

Improving upon perfection

You value design and aesthetics. You appreciate beauty that surpasses current trends. You strive for the best. You are not only seeking the perfect door – the pivot door – but also the perfect movement: offering the ultimate in smoothness and aesthetics. An effortless experience at the touch of a finger: a single fluid movement. Perfectly balanced. FritsJurgens System M+ pivot door hinge: it offers all this and much more.

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System M+ Pivot Hinges

  • No structural elements in floor and ceiling
  • Load-bearing capacity: up to 500 kg
  • Minimum door thickness: 40mm or 50mm depending on unit
  • Quick and simple to install
  • Maintenance free
  • For new and existing situations
  • Easily adjustable with the door in place
  • Suitable for timber, steel, framed glass and massive cladded doors
  • For single and double action doors
  • For internal and external doors
  • For commercial and residential environments


System M+ is equipped with FlowMotion technology that increases the adjustability and control of the door while it is standing. Through the use of hydraulic power, the System M+ offers a series of features including Damper Control, 30º Speed Control and Latch Control.

Damper Control: Ensures a smooth and elegant closing movement that protects your door from touching the wall (back check).

30º Speed Control: Allows you to determine the speed of the pivot door through the last past of the closing movement.

Latch Control: Accelerates the door shortly before closed position to ensure proper latching.


System M+ pivot door hinge is highly suitable for:

Single Action Doors

Double Action Doors

Ceiling Plate

A stainless-steel ceiling plate is fitted in the ceiling. The pin of the top pivot fits seamlessly into the hole in the ceiling plate.

Dimensions: 60 X 40 X 17mm

Top Pivot

The top pivot is integrated into the top of the door and uses a so-called pin/hole connection. The pin is fixed to the top pivot and drops into the hole in the ceiling plate when this is turned.

Dimensions: 165 X 32 X 41mm

System M+

System M+ pivot hinge is integrated into the lower part of the door. The oval base of the hinge is inserted into the slot in the floor plate.

42mm thick unit: 308.2 X 42 X 112.7mm

32mm thick unit: 294.8 X 32 X 99.6mm

Floor Plate

A stainless-steel floor plate with a square or round recess is fitted to the floor. The base of the hinge fits seamlessly into the recess in the floor plate.

Dimensions (Square): 80 X 40 X 9mm

Dimensions (Round):  ⌀80 X 9mm


Maximum Load-Bearing Capacity

20 – 500 kg

Minimum Door Thickness

32mm thick unit requires a minimum door thickness of 40mm

42mm thick unit requires a minimum door thickness of 50mm

Minimum Dimensions around the Door for Fitting


11 mm


minimum 4 mm, maximum 10 mm

Door/closing side: GAP CALCULATION (see System M+ Brochure)

Hold Position

0º, 90º and 90º

Minimum Distance from the Pivot Point to the Side of the Door

40 mm.

Maximum Door Dimensions

Width: 400mm – 5000mm (MODEL SELECTOR)

Height: Unrestricted

Special Doors

FritsJurgens System M+ is suitable for soundproof doors, doors with draught-excluding, windproof and waterproof profiles, and burglar-resistant doors. For more information please contact one of our dealers or partners in your area.

Floating Floors / Suspended Ceilings

It is possible to fit a pivot door if the floor plate or ceiling plate is connected to the structural subfloor or ceiling.


Delivered as a complete set with top pivot, floor plate, ceiling plate and fitting accessories.


10 year manufacturer’s guarantee.

Where to Buy

FritsJurgens Pivot Door Systems are available exclusively from Bellevue Architectural.

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