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When space is at a premium; think Casetur

Casetur is constantly developing its products further to enable furniture designers and supplier companies to turn their products into great space saving objects – one of the most important topics in modern city living.

Comfortable living spaces

Make the most of the space you have

Casetur strives to offer solutions for a high living comfort, especially to people with homes that have some space limitations. Home is sacred for most people, it is a safe haven and nowadays even our office. Therefore Casetur wants everyone to love the place they live in, and this is exactly why Casetur creates space saving solutions to make your home feel great and comfortable.


Space Saving Furniture Systems

​Left, Right, Center and around. Space saving made easy. ​Explore all our moves. With our clever products you turn your home into the place you love.

When applying our solutions, customers feel a higher comfort and flexibility in their current living space, and this is exactly why we do what we do.

Benjamin Richard Halde
Managing Director and Founder of Casetur

About Casetur

In 2011, after moving to Munich, the company founder, Mr. Benjamin Richard Halde, faced a challenge: he needed a stowaway table for a side shelf. Despite searching through various hardware supplier catalogs, both local and international, Benjamin couldn’t find a suitable solution. The available options like rotating plates or extendable slides didn’t address his specific problem. Realizing the need for a custom solution, he took it upon himself to invent the required product, giving birth to Casetur.

Benjamin’s objective was to design a simple mechanism that allowed the table to rotate once enough clearance from obstructing walls was achieved. It needed to operate solely within a single plane to achieve the desired outcome. After working out the movement concept’s geometry, he created several prototypes for testing. In early 2012, he filed a patent for his invention and continued refining the product through customer testing and experience.

In 2015, Benjamin participated in the German inventors trade fair, where he won a bronze medal for his invention despite strong competition. Building on this recognition and further product development, he showcased Casetur for the first time as an exhibitor at the furniture components trade fair “ZOW” in Germany and later at W16 trade fair in the UK, which received a W16 fair award.

Recognizing the product’s potential and its increasing international interest, the Swiss hardware distributor for furniture components, OPO, eagerly included it in their product catalog, solidifying Casetur’s success in the space-saving market.

In 2018, Benjamin’s sisters joined Casetur, making the company a true family affair. Since then, the company has grown from strength to strength, actively marketing and selling the Casetur product range in over 30 countries worldwide. Casetur’s products have been successfully used in notable projects in locations like Hong Kong, Munich, and Canada.

Casetur, a family business that understands that space matters.

Anna Katharina Halde
Managing Director of Casetur

Benjamin Richard Halde
Managing Director and Founder of Casetur

Anna Katharina Halde
Managing Director of Casetur

Reimagine your space with Casetur

Create usable space in difficult small spaces

With Casetur you can turn confined living spaces that might have been difficult to use into fluid environments that adapt to your needs. Maximising your use of space in ways you did not think possible.