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About Casetur

In 2011, after moving to Munich, the company founder, Mr. Benjamin Richard Halde, faced a challenge: he needed a stowaway table for a side shelf. Despite searching through various hardware supplier catalogs, both local and international, Benjamin couldn’t find a suitable solution. The available options like rotating plates or extendable slides didn’t address his specific problem. Realising the need for a custom solution, he took it upon himself to invent the required product, giving birth to Casetur.

Benjamin’s objective was to design a simple mechanism that allowed the table to rotate once enough clearance from obstructing walls was achieved. It needed to operate solely within a single plane to achieve the desired outcome. After working out the movement concept’s geometry, he created several prototypes for testing. In early 2012, he filed a patent for his invention and continued refining the product through customer testing and experience.

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Casetur Upper Rotation System

The BAC3040 & BAC4070 are table rotation systems for upper rotation, designed to swivel and pivot a platform over the fixed surface.

Casetur Lower Rotation System

The BAC3040R & BAC4070R are table rotation systems for lower rotation, designed to swivel and pivot a platform under the fixed surface.

Casetur Sliding & Rotation System

The Sliding & Rotation System has been designed to not just swivel a platform over the fixed surface, but to slide along the surface as well.

Casetur Roto System

The Roto System has been designed to swivel a platform, without a supporting legover the fixed surface.

Roto Availability Q4 2024

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When applying our solutions, customers feel a higher comfort and flexibility in their current living space, and this is exactly why we do what we do.

Benjamin Richard Halde
Managing Director and Founder of Casetur

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