Why constrain power when you can convert it into control? In System M and System M+ the movement of the pivot door is generated and controlled by FlowMotion. In heavy and light doors. Unabridged power, full control.

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Hydraulic Backcheck

The movement of the pivot door is always kept in check, even when opened with force. The door will not touch an adjacent wall, other door, or furniture.

Adjustable Dampening

Even the heaviest doors feel light as a feather. The pivot door can easily be opened, even handsfree, and will automatically be slowed down and closed in a single, fluent movement.


In the process of creating the perfect door movement, the closing part is crucial. It is possible to fine-tune the last part of the movement with great precision.

Handsfree pivot doors

The pivot door is slowed down in the last part of the closing movement, putting the power that’s in that movement to work and converting it into control.


In the System M range – System M+


Provides the ability to adjust the pivot hinge to latch the door properly.


Ensures a smooth and elegant closing movement and protects your door from touching the wall (back-check).


Allows you to determine the speed of the pivot door through the last part of the closing movement.

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