Because everybody deserves a spacious home

Flexible space

Whether you apply Casetur solutions to horizontal furniture like desks, tables or kitchen or to vertical pieces, Casetur will give your home and living space just that little extra, that you might have believed wasn’t possible.

See it in action

The system holds its orientation until it is pulled outward away from any obstructing walls. It can then be rotated by 90 degrees, and once orientated it can smoothly slide back into place. This mechanism helps prevent walls from being damaged during rotation and provides a stable and secure surface for use once the device is in the desired position.




Supported desk widths (w)

360mm – 460mm 480mm – 700mm

Minimum furniture thickness (t)

18mm 18mm

Milling depth for installation (m)

13mm 13mm

Required clearing distance – one side (s)

w ÷ 2 w ÷ 2

Gap between furniture and desk (g)

9.3mm 9.3mm


1900g 2300g
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