Bellevue Architectural is proud to announce two additions to the FritsJurgens line of high-performance pivot solutions. These new products will interest designers and door manufactures looking to create pivot doors of all sizes but using the thinnest of frame profiles.

System One is now only 18mm high making it the ideal pivot system for steel & aluminium narrow profile door frames. It’s so small it can fit in the palm of your hand and still swing a pivot door of any size or material up to 500kg.  

This downsized upgrade features the same bottom spindle as the System M+, so you can now use all the same floor plates, including the flush floor plates which brings your door to floor gap down to only 7mm.

The new System One also works with all existing FritsJurgens top pivots including the recently released 40mm top pivot which can bring your pivot point to only 40mm off the edge of your door. This version of the System One includes magnetic cover plates in stainless or black to tidy up the edge of your pivot door.

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