Boretto, 1887-1969

After studying at the Parma Art Institute, Nizzoli starts to work as a graphic designer and abstract painter. During the 1930s, he brings several leading exponents of Italian architecture such as Baldessari, Persico, and Terragni, together in projects for exhibitions, shows, and competitions.


Out of production

— Palazzo Snam, San Donato Milanese, 1956
In 1938, he starts a lengthy collaboration with Olivetti. He not only designs several buildings, he also designs typewriters that highly innovative in both technology and form: the Lexicon 80 (1948) and the portable Lettera 22 (1950).
— Snam, Olivari, fuori produzione

The ENI offices in San Donato Milanese (1955), finally show the full character of prestige and communication, which Enrico Mattei requests for one of the symbolic buildings of the Italian economic boom.La maniglia Snam, detta anche “Anatomica”, si adatta al linguaggio dell’architettura moderna che la ospita. Nasce così una maniglia alleggerita nel materiale, ma con linee fluenti e funzionali alla presa della mano.

— Lettera 22 portatile, Olivetti 1950

In 1966, he receives an Honorary Degree in Architecture from the Milan Polytechnic.