How to Clean Black Door Handles

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15 March 2020

Door handles get a lot of use during their lifetime. Dirt, dust, grease, grim and hand prints need to be cleaned off to keep them looking sleek and preserve their appearance for longer. One of the challenges with any door handle in a heavy use area is the friction between dirt and people hands. Over time this can wear away the finish making the handle less appealing looking.

Black door handles make a strong style statement

Black door handles in particular are usually selected because of the design aesthetic and strong style statement they make. So keeping them looking great is really important. Here’s how to clean your black door handles to keep them looking great.

Cleaning Plastic Black Door Handles

Boma NY

The Olivari Boma NY black door handle is a nylon plastic door handle made from Durethan resin. Anything abrasive like scourers or cream cleansers will damage the surface of these types of door handles and reduce the lustre.

It is best to clean plastic, nylon and resin black door handles with soapy warm water using a soft cloth.

Cleaning Black Door Handles with Leather

The Olivari Club black door handle has a leather-clad hand grip for a comfortable touch.

To keep these handles looking and feeling fabulous, start with a soft cotton cloth to wipe away surface dirt. If you have marks or grease stains a gentle cleaning cream or spray for leather shoes and handbags can be used. It’s also possible to use leather cream and impregnation sprays to keep your leather handles from future stains and grim marks.

Cleaning Electro Matt Black Door Handles

The Olivari Beta matt black door handle is a custom electro plated finish that is strong than powder coating. Whilst this is a highly resilient finish to every day wear and tear fine scratches from harsh abrasives will prematurely age these types of door handles.

A neutral cleaning solution for washing the handle followed by a warm damp cloth to wipe away grim then dried with a clean dry cloth will keep these handles in excellent condition.

Cleaning Powder Coated Black Door Handles

The Olivari Euclide black door handle can be powder coated to match a black shade you need.

Powder-coated door handle finishes may be damaged if cleaned with abrasives or harsh chemicals. Using warm soapy water with a soft cloth for removing grim and then wiping down with a clean damp cloth will keep them looking great longer.

Cleaning SuperInox Black Door Handles

The Olivari Conca black door handle is coated with SuperInoxTM, making these handles fire rated and resistant to environmental elements.

Handles with a SuperInoxTM finish are easy to keep in pristine condition by wiping with a damp cloth.

General Tips for Cleaning Door Handles

If you’re unsure what your black door handles are made from, we recommend keeping cleaning simple.

  1. Clean your door handles once a month in high traffic areas.
  2. Clean your door handles once every 2 – 3 months in other areas.
  3. Use a damp soft cloth to wipe grim and dirt off the handle first.
  4. Wipe the door handle clean with a dry soft cloth to prevent streaking.