Double Action Spring Hinges

Double Action Spring Hinges

Give your door bidirectional access and automatic closing with a double action spring hinge

Double action spring hinges (also known as double acting spring hinges) are a type of hinge that allows a door to swing open in both directions. With a central resting “closed” position, after opening the door it will automatically return to its original “closed” position.

It is the spring mechanisms inside the hinge that provides the force necessary for this self-closing feature from either direction.

These types of hinges are useful in high traffic areas where hands free operation is desirable. While the automatic closure allows privacy and security to be maintained – as well keeping air conditioning or heating inside.

Due to the convenience they create, they are frequently used in both commercial and residential settings.

  • Kitchen and pantry swing doors in homes, hotels and restaurants to keep food smells isolated and make carrying food/trays easier.
  • In hospitals for ward doors, and laundry rooms, where noise and hygiene are important.
  • In schools, community centres and sporting facilities to manage climate control between indoor and outdoor spaces to reduce energy bills.
  • As well as retail spaces in stores and backrooms to facilitate security without hampering staff that may be carrying bulky or heavy items; that could cause injury.

Bellevue Architectural is the Australian stockist of Justor hinges. We carry a range of differently weighted and sized double action spring hinges for most applications – check the catalogue for more details.