Technical Documentation

Kit Options:

– Includes a lock with an integrated finger pull


The new BL015T lock has reduced milling, while the innovative solution of the integrated pull-handle eliminates the machining for housing the traditional pull-handle. The red jig included in the package allows the best installation, precisely defining the drilling point for the pocket of the striking plate.

Thanks to the integrated pull-handle, the BL015T allows a minimalist design of the door panel, it’s more elegant with its total coplanarity on the front plate. The innovative pull-handle allows an ergonomic and pleasant grip, much better than the traditional pull-handle. Thanks to the 160 mm front plate, the BI015T is ready for panels milled for traditional hook locks, making it suitable also for renovation purposes.

– Includes a lock


The BL015 lock is suitable for timber doors, compacted in a 43 mm body height to minimise the door’s panel working. Suitable with a door thickness from 35 mm to 60 mm.
The rectilinear operation of the hook guarantees the perfect matching with the striker.
In order to have a better aesthetics, every model is available in two dimensions of the front plate:
Mini 86×18 mm: for a minimalist design.
Classic 160×16 mm: the perfect fitting to the classic pre-milled panel.
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