Pivoting Louvers

Space Joinery faced an intriguing yet straightforward challenge: how to provide their client with the flexibility to conceal or reveal the dining space from the main hallway. Their innovative solution involved the use of five louvers, each ingeniously outfitted with a FritsJurgens pivot, allowing for a 360-degree rotation. When opened, these louvers not only enhance airflow but also create a sense of spaciousness. When closed, they offer the valuable option of privacy.

Freely rotating systems are often a must for room dividers of all sizes. System One is compact, solid, and – like all FritsJurgens systems – reliable. If you are looking for a little more functionality, System 3 is a suitable solution. This system has hold positions at every 90° angle, in which the door or wall remains in place when you stop it there. The door or wall always moves automatically to one of these hold positions and will always come to a smooth and controlled stop.

We are very familiar with pivot systems, and we have installed many in our projects. Initially, the idea involved using an engineer to create a system to hang each louver, but after installing the pivot system on doors within the home, we realized this system would also be suitable, cost-effective, and time-efficient for the louver partition.

– Space Joinery