The successful launch of our Sydney Flagship Showroom

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Bellevue Architectural is thrilled to announce the triumphant launch of our new Sydney flagship showroom; a dazzling showcase of excellence in architectural door hardware. The grand event unfolded from the 19th to the 21st of February and proved to be a resounding success; marking a significant milestone in our unwavering commitment to supplying Australia with the best in international door hardware.

At the event; we proudly showcased our latest products, including our wide range of Olivari of Italy door handles, The Elmes of Japan entry pulls; and FritsJurgens pivot systems – all are renowned for their innovative designs and superior quality. However, the grand opening was not solely about showcasing products; it was a celebration of design, innovation, and collaboration.

Attendees seized the opportunity to network with industry leaders, engaging with key figures from our international suppliers. We express our thanks to all those who attended; and we eagerly anticipate future collaborations that may arise from these valuable connections. The turnout was remarkable; featuring representatives from various sectors of the industry, including architects, designers, and manufacturers

The event buzzed with an incredible vibe. We had a blast diving into discussions about design, architecture, and everything industry-related. People from different corners of the business chimed in making every chat lively and insightful. It wasn’t your typical showcase – it was more like a gathering of creative minds sparking off each other. The vibe was friendly, the talks were smart, and it was all about celebrating our shared love for the architectural world. It wasn’t just business; it was a good time with good people.

Caught in a moment of insightful dialogue, our Founder, Mr. Aron Midler (on the left), engages in a vibrant conversation with the esteemed Mr. Carlo Olivari.


Barrie Midler; the passionate owner of Bellevue Architectural, took the stage to showcase the exquisite Olivari handles on display. With an infectious enthusiasm, Barrie shared insights into the craftsmanship, quality and design intricacies; which make Olivari handles stand out as the best.

Adding a touch of whimsy to the occasion, we couldn’t resist capturing a delightful moment with Mrs. Raffaella Olivari striking a pose next to the equally elegant Raffaella Door Handle. The handle was designed by Studio Olivari and named in her honor.

In the company of our international guests; we enjoyed a lively dinner filled with good food, laughter, and engaging discussions on architecture, design and family. The table was as diverse as the topics; creating a dynamic atmosphere celebrating shared moments, and promising collaborations.

With the launch of the showroom being a resounding success, we are excited to give people the opportunity to experience it for themselves. For those eager to delve into the world of premium door hardware, we invite you to schedule an appointment and explore the showroom firsthand. We are confident that your visit will be nothing short of inspiring. You are sure to find the perfect hardware solutions for your upcoming projects.