Welding Spring Hinges

Welding Spring Hinges

Torsion sprung hinges are designed to last a lifetime, as opposed to coil spring which loose tension over time.


About Welding Spring Hinges

Welding spring hinges (also called Torsion Sprung Hinges) are specialized types of hinges that are used where it is necessary for a door or panel to return to its original position after being opened. You can think of them as hinges for self-closing doors, gates and panels.

There is a spring inside the hinge that exerts a force to push the door or panel back to its closed position. The tension of the spring can be adjusted to control the force and speed of closing. This is beneficial for ensuring that doors close completely without manual intervention. This can be important for sterile, safety, security, or environmental control (eg. for keeping heat or air conditioning inside).

The term “welding” indicates that these hinges are designed so that they can be permanently attached to metal doors, frames, or panels through a welding process. This provides a strong, durable connection that is more secure than screws or bolts. Which can be especially important in heavy-duty applications, or where security is a concern.

These types of hinges are used in a variety of settings, including industrial, commercial, and residential environments. They’re commonly found on gates, safety doors, storage bins, and anywhere else where a self-closing door is necessary. They’re particularly useful in environments where it’s important to ensure that doors remain closed when not in use.

There are different designs and sizes of welding spring hinges to suit various door weights and sizes. The specific design chosen depends on the application’s requirements, including –

  • the weight of the door,
  • the desired closing speed, and
  • any environmental factors.

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