Milan, 1948 / 1947-2013

Mercatali and Pedrizzetti collaborate for ten years from 1978 to 1988. They designed very successful products characterized by basic shapes and primary colors, especially kitchen and bath accessories, such as Fantini’s Balocchi faucets.


Out of production

— Balocchi, rubinetti, Fantini, 1978
— Davide Mercatali
Davide Mercatali has also promoted exhibitions and shows, as well as founding interdisciplinary groups such as Zeus. Today he continues his work as an independent designer.
— Paolo Pedrizzetti
Paolo Pedrizzetti was in charge of a firm whose specialty is kitchen and bath accessories. He works for several companies, such as Koziol and Tubes.
— Riviera, rubinetto, Fantini
— Sfinge, Olivari, fuori produzione