Tel Aviv, 1972

Ron Gilad was born in Tel Aviv in 1972. In 2001 he moved to New York, running there his studio for 12 years. Currently he lives and works between Tel Aviv and Milan.
Gilad’s hybrid objects combine material with aesthetic play. They sit on the fat, delicious line between the abstract and the functional.



— Running Magnet Installation, Flos, Salone del Mobile, Milano 2015

His works deal with the relationship between the object and its function, questioning our perceptions. Varying from one-off to limited editions and production pieces, the works have no “expiration date” and reside in both public and private collections worldwide.

— Controra poltrona, Molteni 2015
— Panna Cotta tavolini, Molteni 2012

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— Ron Gilad, Salone del Mobile 2016

In 2013 he named designer of the year both by Wallpaper and Elle Decor. His designs for the Italian industry won numerous awards as well.
— Façade no.10, 2013, Tel Aviv Museum of Art
— Birth of a chair, 2013, Tel Aviv Museum of Art
— One line house, 2015 Keitelman Gallery Brussels