— Statuario white
— Versilys grey
— Marquina black

Drawn brass originally combined with extruded porcelain
and now with marble,
join together with an elegant junction.

Bramble Vase Series ©bolia.com
We wanted simple, pure geometrical shapes that would work together as different materials.
Technology was reduced to a bare minimum.
Corcrete ©Thomas Wiuf Schwartz 3065
BAU, 2023
The embryo of this idea is rooted in the Bau door-handle designed by two young German designers, Nina Ruthe and David Antonin from Studio Niruk, during a workshop organised a few years ago by a long-standing German porcelain manufacturer named Kober, to which Olivari contributed expert know-how.
The expressive shape of the Bau handle, based on rigorous geometry, emphasises the material of the grip. Experimenting with different materials led to the idea of using marble.
Having known Paolo Carli, the owner of Henraux, for a long time, we turned to this reputable marble company for help.
Their enthusiastic reaction, and our love of the white marble from the same quarry as the blocks hewn by Michelangelo, resulted in the Bau door-handle being made in white statuary marble.
The range also includes black Marquina marble and grey Versilia marble.
All pieces are fashioned from offcuts produced during the fabrication of much larger objects, making sure none of the valuable mineral goes to waste. — Antonio Olivari
Play Side Table ©Thomas Wiuf Schwartz 0519
Bramble Vase +Tool ©Thomas Wiuf Schwartz
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