BOMA NY, 1972

One is that the plastic was an excellent material, and the other was because the technicians at Bayer were so forthcoming and generous with advice. For a company like Olivari, used to making its handles in metal, plastic had seemed risky. Would the market appreciate it? It was a wager, and it was won

— Casa d’abitazione in via Calco 2 (conEnrico Freyrie), Milano 1954-1956
Besides being a good calling card in the design world, year after year the Boma was a best-seller.
— Casa d’abitazione in via A. Moro a San Donato Milanese - 1991
The novelty of shape and colour combined with the inexpensiveness of the material and production process made for long-lasting success, and this has continued to be so over time. — Antonio Olivari
— Appendiabiti in compensato multistrato, de Padova ICF 1955
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