Soon after, he began musing about how the dynamic effect he wished to obtain for the handle could be expressed by slicing off the two extremities. Seeing that they weren’t symmetrical, the cuts needed to have different inclinations.

— Eclissi lampada, Artemide 1967
“Try to make a sample along the lines of these sketches,” he said to me. “Let’s see if you succeed in expressing my idea.” By the third prototype, he was satisfied. Sibilla was born.

This is how Vico liked to work. He sought immediate answers from technicians so that his ideas would be made to their best potential. — Antonio Olivari

— Selene sedia, Artemide 1968
— Nuvola Rossa libreria, Cassina 1977
— Maralunga divano, Cassina 1973
— Atollo lampada/light, O-luce 1977
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