Selecting the Right Pivot Door Hardware for Your Doorway

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Pivot door hardware provides a dramatic and contemporary alternative to common hinged door designs. By being supported by a pivot in the floor and another at the top of the door, they are an excellent substitute to a hinged door when a grander, wider entry area is required.

When it comes to pivot door systems, the type you choose will depend on purpose of your door, the width of your doorway and the weight of the door you want to install.

Door pivots can typically support doors weighing between 20 kg and 500 kg, that is made from almost any kind of material (such as wood, metal, glass, and plastic, but also heavier materials such as marble are a possibility as well).

Additionally, when a pivot system is hidden in the door, it means a door can be installed in new and challenging situations, even when floor heating is present.

Like with many newer architectural fixtures and fittings, deciding the type of hardware that would work best in your situation can be a little confusing. So here we explore four types of pivot door hardware.

4 Types of Pivot Door System

1. Self-Closing Pivot Door System

Self-closing pivot hinges are engineered so that when you start to close the door, at some point the pivot hinge system takes over and pulls the door closed. Once the door is closed the pivot door system is virtually invisible to the casual observer.

This makes the self-closing pivot door system particularly useful for interior or exterior situations where hands-free applications are needed. For example, between restaurant kitchens and dining areas, between the pool deck and change areas, between sterilisation areas and clean rooms.

Bellevue Architectural is the Australian distributor of the FritsJurgens System M – a self-closing pivot door system that has an adjustable soft-close and hydraulic backcheck -which guarantees a fluid door movement.

The System M bottom pivot can be mortised entirely in the door, so there are no nasty floor closer coverplates to trip over or hide.

The ability to position the pivot system just 70 mm from the door’s side reduces unused space. With the System M you can position the pivot anywhere between 70 mm and the centre of the door for more choice in installation options.

2. Free Swinging Pivot Door Hinge

A free swinging door allows it to be open or closed from either direction without any resistance. Cowboy movie Saloon Door that swings back and forth come to mind as a classic example of a free swinging door.

Free swinging pivot doors are ideal for hidden doors along corridors or on walls where a doorframe would interrupt the architectural lines of a space. As well as situations where access between spaces is infrequent. For example, between indoor and outdoor entertaining spaces, between corridors and amenities areas, between a butler’s pantry and kitchen.

The FritsJurgens System One is a free swinging pivot door hinge available through Bellevue Architectural in Australia. The System One can be installed for a rotation of 360º or 90º. With a single pivot hinge, System One has a high load bearing capacity able to support large, heavy and tall doors up to a weight of 500kg.

3. Single Action Pivot Doors

A single action pivot door behaves like most regular hinged doors – the door swings in one direction only. A hotel room door is a great example of how a single action hinged door works.

You would choose a single action hinge when there is not enough room on both sides of the door (to allow for swinging in both directions), when you want to control the flow of people moving through a space, or want a soundproof or burglar-resistant, hard to breach door. For example, where dedicated entry and exit doors are required, on a change room or toilet cubicle, on a secured room, such as a panic room, between interiors and exteriors to block wind and water.

Bellevue Architectural sells the FritsJurgens M+ system in Australia; a configurable single action door pivot with locking and latch mechanisms. The M+ supports hold positions at 0º, 90º and -90º and uses FlowMotion for smooth controllable hydraulic door movement.

4. 360° Rotate and Hold

A rotating door pivot or a 360° Rotate and Hold pivot door system provides a 360˚ arc of rotation with hold positions at various degrees. When installed in the centre of the door, it becomes a rotating door, that can move clockwise or anti-clockwise. When installed in a wall panel, it becomes a pivoting wall for flexible room repurposing.

In addition to creating rotating doors for high-traffic areas, the 360° Rotate and Hold pivot door is useful in studios and apartments for changing open plan spaces into rooms, as well as easily converting large commercial spaces into functional rooms and temporary storage areas.

In Australia, Bellevue Architectural stocks the FritsJurgens System 3 – a 360° Rotate and Hold pivot door system that is capable of light touch motion (requires relatively little force to get the door moving), has hold positions at 0°, 90°, 180° and 270° and can support door weights up to 500kg. The System 3 pivot hinges are fully integrated into the top and bottom of the door which provides a virtually invisible hinge.

Selecting the Right Door Pivot Hardware for You

If you are still confused and want to talk to an expert about pivot door systems, call and talk to one of our team at Bellevue Architectural – +61 3 9571 5666.

From pivot system selection, to installation tips and tricks, Bellevue Architectural is Australia’s number one expert in FritsJurgens pivot hinges.