Concealed & Magnetic Door Stops

Concealed and Magnetic Door Stops

Protect your walls and door with a concealed or magnetic door stop

Concealed and magnetic door stops are specialized types of door stops. Designed to prevent doors from damaging walls while maintaining an aesthetic appeal through discreet placement or magnetic functionality.

Concealed door stops are designed to be less visible or entirely hidden. Which is ideal for maintaining the clean lines and design integrity of a space. They are often installed on the floor, wall, or even within the door itself and are meant to be as unobtrusive as possible.

Magnetic door stops consist of two parts: a magnetic catch and a metal plate. The magnetic catch is typically mounted on the wall or floor, and the metal plate is attached to the door. When the door is opened, the metal plate aligns with the magnetic catch – which holds the door open.

Both types of door stops are frequently used in both commercial settings.

  • Galleries and museums benefit from concealed door stops by preventing the hardware from distracting from artwork and exhibits.
  • Hotel rooms and suites use concealed door stops to enhance the guests’ experience by maintaining a luxurious and unbroken design aesthetic in their interior spaces.
  • Boutiques where the focus is on creating an immersive shopping experience use concealed door stops to prevent visual distractions and tripping hazards.
  • Magnetic door stops are crucial in healthcare settings where doors often need to be kept open for hands-free passage between rooms, especially where pushing carts, wheelchairs, or other medical equipment is necessary.
  • Classrooms, libraries, and cafeteria doors in schools benefit from magnetic door stops to keep doors open during busy transition times, such as between classes.
  • In restaurant kitchens where staff frequently move in and out carrying food and supplies, magnetic door stops are often used to conveniently and hygienically keep service or pantry doors open.

With the Bellevue Architectural range of concealed and magnetic door stops you don’t need to worry about the door stop being in the way or clashing with the surrounding aesthetics.

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