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New from Olivari

Discover Olivari’s newest releases from late 2023, showcasing a collection of design award-winning handles. These handles ingeniously incorporate unique materials, resulting in distinctive aesthetics that elevate your spaces. Additionally, experience the revival of timeless classic designs, meticulously touched up to blend the best of tradition with contemporary style. Explore the fusion of innovation and heritage in our latest product lineup.

FritsJurgens Model Selector

Specifying the correct FritsJurgens pivot system requires knowing the weight, width and intended pivot point of the door. To help streamline the process of picking the correct model we offer an online model selector that when given these parameters will specify the appropriate FritsJurgens pivot system for your door.

International Brands

Olivari of Italy

Renowned for uncompromising craftsmanship and timeless elegance, Olivari produces high-quality door handles 100% crafted in Italy. The signature Super-Inox finishes ensure lasting beauty, with a guarantee of 10 to 30 years, even in challenging salty sea air environments. Designed by world-class designers, Olivari door handles seamlessly blend form and function, adding a touch of sophistication to any entrance.

Designer Door Handles

All Olivari handles are designed by world-class designers.

Elmes of Japan

Discover our wide range of Elmes of Japan entry pulls from UNION. These door pulls are the epitome of Japanese design excellence and precision. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, they offer not just a functional aspect but an infusion of contemporary artistry to your entrance. With hundreds of different designs available, the Elmes of Japan range ensures that you’ll find the perfect fit for your unique aesthetic preferences. From sleek and minimalistic to ornate and intricate, these entry pulls transform any doorway into a statement of style and sophistication. Discover the seamless blend of form and function that Elmes of Japan offers, and let your entrance make a lasting impression with these exquisite, made-in-Japan door pulls.


FritsJurgens of The Netherlands

FritsJurgens incredible pivot systems are at the bleeding edge of door hardware innovation. These systems redefine the door interaction experience, seamlessly combining strength and style with the ability to effortlessly pivot doors weighing up to 500 kilograms. FritsJurgens stands out with its revolutionary design, fully mortised within the top and bottom of the door, eliminating the need for a complex floor box and ensuring a clean and sophisticated appearance. What truly sets FritsJurgens apart is the precise control it offers over closing speed, latching speed, and dampening, allowing for a personalized and seamless door operation. Dive into the future of door movement, where FritsJurgens products showcase a seamless union of form and function, unveiling the limitless possibilities of door hardware innovation

Athmer of Germany

Athmer introduces a groundbreaking solution to a common challenge associated with pivot doors. Traditional drop seals need to overcome a multitude of issues when being used with pivot systems such as interference with floor-spring hardware or getting the unit actuation mechanism to trigger. Athmers solution addresses these issues with the innovative adjustable roller actuator featured in the Athmer Schall-Ex® L15/30 WS Pivot. This clever mechanism engages the drop seal by smoothly rolling against an area of the jamb, eliminating pressure points on traditional drop seal actuators that cannot adapt to the unique movement of pivot doors. Available in various lengths up to 2000mm, Athmer door seals cater to diverse situations and configurations, ensuring a flush fit and smooth operation. Suitable for both top and bottom door applications, these seals, when paired with Athmer magnetic side strips, offer a comprehensive door sealing solution, overcoming challenges posed by existing alternatives.


Ceam of Italy

CEAM concealed hinges, proudly crafted 100% in Italy, offer a range of impressive features. Completely in-house design and manufacturing, including technical capacity and wear tests performed with equipment adhering to UNI-EN 1935:2004 standards, these hinges ensure exceptional quality and reliability. They also boast a variety of features including 3-dimensional adjustability, easy installation, and a diverse selection of models supporting weights up to 150kg. The meticulous design, manufacturing and quality control process and the hinges themselves are certified by UNI-EN ISO 9001:2000 proving CEAM’s commitment to excellence.


Justor of Spain

With origins dating back to 1946, Justor is a well-established brand renowned for its innovative approach to spring hinges. The Justor spring hinges feature a patented operating system distinguished by its use of steel plates working through torsion, setting them apart from other manufacturers relying on spiral springs. This unique innovation was honored with the prestigious “Delta de Oro ADI-FAD” Design Award, recognizing Justor’s commitment to excellence and ingenuity in the field.


HMB of The Netherlands

In todays world where security is of vital importance, selecting door locking hardware becomes a crucial decision. HMB addresses this its multi-point locking system, meticulously designed to offer an elevated level of security for doors up to 3200mm in height. Constructed with robust steel, the BAH004 system, featuring three-point locking, ensures superior strength and security. The compact casing of HMB multi-point locks makes them an ideal choice for narrow-styled French, single, or double doors. Custom-developed hook bolts and adjustable strikers guarantee easy and secure door closure, even accommodating slight bends or warps up to 8mm. The simple engagement of the key effortlessly locks or unlocks all three separate locking points, encompassing chamfered hook bolts at the top and bottom of the door, along with a dead bolt in the center, providing both assurance and convenience.


Bonaiti of Italy

Creating the perfect entrance involves more than just aesthetics. In our showroom, we proudly showcase a range of high-quality magnetic locks from Bonaiti of Italy, offering both style and functionality to your entrance. Magnetic locks offer distinct advantages over conventional locking mechanisms. Their design, devoid of internal or external lock kinetics, results in silent and fluid operation while allowing for the creation of more compact and robust lock bodies. Bonaiti were the first company in the world to design and manufacture magnetic locks, and boasts over two decades of unparalleled expertise in the field. This rich experience stands as a testament to the exceptional quality and ingenuity demonstrated by their locking solutions. We invite you to explore our extensive selection of Bonaiti magnetic locks to uncover the ideal system for enhancing the security and efficiency of your entrance.

Casetur of Germany

Casetur, founded by Mr. Benjamin Richard Halde in 2011, emerged from a personal need for a stowaway table in his Munich home. Faced with a lack of suitable solutions in the market, Benjamin embarked on a journey to invent a custom product. His vision was to create a simple yet effective mechanism that allowed the table to rotate within a single plane. After filing a patent in 2012, Benjamin refined the product through customer testing and experience. In 2015, Casetur gained recognition at the German inventors trade fair, earning Benjamin a bronze medal. The product continued to evolve, garnering attention at international trade fairs and receiving accolades. OPO, the Swiss hardware distributor for furniture components, recognized the potential and added Casetur to their product catalog, contributing to its success in the space-saving market. With Benjamin’s sisters joining the company in 2018, Casetur became a true family business. Today, the company actively markets and sells its product range in over 30 countries, with successful applications in notable projects worldwide. Casetur stands out as a family business that prioritizes the significance of space in design and functionality.


Didheya of Spain

With over 30 years of expertise, Didheya of Spain specializes in designing and crafting high-quality stainless steel door hardware. Committed to providing the perfect finishing touch for sliding doors, Didheya’s dedication to quality is unwavering. They meticulously curate a selection of hand-picked finishes, catering to the creative needs of architects, interior designers, and decorators. Didheya’s exquisite range of edge pulls not only punctuates the space they inhabit but also maintains an understated minimalist presence.


Melbourne Showroom

Our Melbourne showroom is a showcase of excellence, featuring a broad range of exceptional products. This includes an extensive collection of handles from Olivari of Italy, entry pulls crafted by Elmes of Japan, precision-engineered pivot systems from FritsJurgens, uniquely designed Didheya edge pulls, advanced Bonaiti magnetic locks, HMB multipoint locks, and Justor spring hinges, among other high-quality offerings. We welcome all interested individuals to visit our showroom and discover the perfect items to elevate and enhance your upcoming projects.


Sydney Showroom

Our newly launched Sydney flagship showroom proudly showcases one of the largest selections of high-end door hardware in New South Wales. Explore renowned brands like Olivari, Elmes of Japan, FritsJurgens, Bonaiti, Didheya, and more. We invite you to schedule an appointment to immerse yourself in the world of premium door handles, pivot systems, concealed hinges, and more, ensuring you find the perfect solutions for your next project.

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